1 to 2.2


149.6 inches


96.5 inches

Weight ca.

39 lbs+

The Fly Baby is an American homebuilt from the sixties. The model is, like the original airplane, manufactured from wood. The all-up weight between 16,000 and 17,000 g for a model with a wingspan of 3,800 mm results in excellent flying characteristics and a low wing loading. Scale-like flying and basic aerobatics like loopings, turns, rolls etc. Are possible with power from a geared ZG 62 or engines up to 140 cm³without gear drive.Any model flyer who can handle models with ailerons can also handle the Fly Baby. It can be used for aerotow or as an aerobatics trainer.The Fly Baby is very docile and will permit flying speeds between 30 km/h (18.6 miles/h) and 150 km/h (93.2 miles/h).

With a geared  ZG 62(Zenoah G 62 cc/3.8CI) almost vertical climbs are possible as well as scale-like flying and basic aerobatics like loopings, turns, rolls etc.The kit contains precision-cut parts from selected plywood which fit together perfectly and allow for a short building time. The hardware packs include everything you will need to complete the model, with the exception of covering material and glue. For transport the tail unitcan be removed.This complete kit includes:Complete set of wood parts, GRP cowling, GRP wheel pants, landing gear, wheels with 178 mm (7”) diameter, tail wheel assembly (GRP),fuel tank, aileron, elevator and rudder control linkage, aluminum tubes, turnbuckles, brace wires, windscreen, construction drawings and full-size plans, instrument panel, picture of cockpit instrument layout, 38-page long building instructions with 80 colour pictures and lots of small hardware parts. And it comes with our very own 39-page long liner notes with another 74 photos of our own build.You just need adhesive and heat shrink film to get started. Please check our homepage for details and pictures of the accessories we offer.

This airplane can be flown on the geardrive or sound just like the original on the Valach 170

Kolm 120 and Kolm 155.


Scale cockpit


Ask for our museum scale flying propellers

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