Servo Wire

This wire, made in Germany, is made of electroplated tin coated copper strands which give this wire it's superior corrosion resistantproperties. Ordinary copper untinned cable is highly succeptable to accelerated corrosion which can break down the strands, loosen connections, and cause connection failures.

The .25mm cable is made with your medium size planes and loads in mind, the .34mm cableis meant for your high voltage applications as well as those scenarios where a long lead otherwise would cause voltage drops. And the .50mm is, of course, for your Giant Scale applications where we are facing high loads and long distances.

MPX connector set

This is the original MPX 6 pole connectors. These are being used in Europe for many applications and start to become popular in the US.The Pins are gold and you get one male and female plug to make for a set.You can either run two servos leads through one plug, eliminating wire and connector clutter, or pair up pins making for theultimate high voltage connector. And once these are plugged together they do not come apart making for a very safe connection.


JR safety clips

These clips, made in Germany,  lock in your servo-to-extension conection without damaging your wires orplugs.This safety clip will keep servo connections from seperating should you be running extension leads.


3inch heatshrink

At 3 inches wide this will fit most of the modern battery cells in use these days.


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