1 to 2.8


125.6 inches


102 inches

Weight ca.



Valach 120 Inline


Scale pilot

Scale prop

The deHavilland D.H. 82 Tiger Moth was developed from the D.H. 60M Gipsy Moth. First flown in October of 1931, the D.H. 82 faced stiff competition to become the basic trainer for Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF). However, after the trials were held, the Tiger Moth emerged the clear winner, with 35 of the craft being ordered. More than 8,700 Tiger Moths were eventually manufactured, with approximately 4200going to the Royal Air Force, where it trained thousands of pilots for World War II service, and continued to serve the post-war RAF until1951. The main change from the Gipsy Moth to the DH Moth series was necessitated by a desire to improve access to the front cockpit since the training requirement specified that the front seat occupant had to be able to escape easily, especially when wearing a parachute. Access to the front cockpit of the Moth predecessors was restricted by the proximity of the aircraft's fuel tank directly above the front cockpit and the rear cabane struts for the upper wing. The solution adopted was to shift the upper wing forward but sweep the wings back to maintain the centre of lift. This made the Tiger Moth the RAF's first swept wing aircraft.

This kit of Paolo’s is the crowning jewel of the hobby.

The parts list is over 27 pages long as it features more than 3000 parts which make up this unique kit. There has never been anything like it before, it will not be surpassed.

The manual comes to over 130 pages. This is the pinnacle of the hobby, bare none.

There are scale seat belts, throttle and elevator adjusting lever, crash pad, Venturi tubes, fuel indicator on the tank, etc. The only optional is the anti-spin strakes, because not all the Tiger Moths featured this part, it depends  on which original airplane that the modeler want reproduce.

Paolo designed this model with the Kolm IL155 and Valach 120IL inline 4-stroke engines in mind.

We do offer a basic install kit for the Valach and a top of the line install kit with baffle solution for the Kolm. Both these engines are 2 cylinder 4stroke inline motors, 2 cylinders would give you the scale sound but even the Kolm 150 3-cylinder inline can be used should that motor be of interest.

“This kit, quite literally, is a work of art.  From the engineering to the fabrication of the metal framework to the molding and curvature of the wooden stabilizer leading edge to the photography and printing of the manual to the labeling and packaging of the parts. You have outdone yourself, Paolo. Anyone who would complain about the price does not understand the value of the kit.  So much work has been beautifully thought out and executed that significant time and money are saved to the benefit of the buyer. What an amazing effort.  You should submit this to Industrial Design and Engineering competitions. Very best regards, Bob Tursack”

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