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82.6 inches


70.5 inches

Weight ca.

36 lbs+


Zenoah ZG62


Scale retract system



Motor softmount

Exhaust system

Scale Spinner and Fanwheel

Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for museum scale flying propellers

Ask for museum scale instrument panel

The SiSt FW-190 is the pinnacle in model aircraft kit design, this is a 100% scale rendition of the original.The SiSt team used original drawings and a very unique plug fabricating process to achieve these flawless results. Using their techniques they were able to model all the realistic surface features, butt joints and plate overlaps of the original aircraft. Plates looks like plates, fabric like fabric and rivets like rivets. Additionally, all inspection covers and hatches have been incorporated in the mold at the proper position.The model has over 7200 rivets, approx. 250 screws visible, rudder and elevators have a fabric covered appearance with scalloped tape as on original aircraft, true to scale hinges etc.; also the pivot points of the hinges agree with those of the original. Only minor aerodynamic changes were being made  given the smaller scale of the airplane and a Naca 2415 airfoil was being used with a slight washout for that reason alone. This is a very complete kit which comes with a extensive pack of formers, parts and accessories.

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