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140.1 inches


97.6 inches

Weight ca.



Kolm EZ50

Kolm IL100

Laser 300 or 360

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Build service

Instrument panel and cockpit accessories

Light system

Alfred Brenzing out of Germany came up with a solution of his own when it comes to fabricating the very intricate Storch fuselage: he made is a composite one-piece which not only grants you utmost strength at very low weight, all it takes as paint as all the scale detail work is already in place, nothing has to be build, detailed or covered. The wings and tailfeathers come as a CNC cut kit, the hardware package is extensive. The cowl and all other fairing parts are made from fiberglas, you see - no kit will get in you in the air quicker.

Build service by the manufacturer is available as well as light systems.

An incredibly unique feature is the fact that you can purchase the the MS505 radial front section separately and swap motors in minutes, allowing you to have two engine setups, two unique airplanes in one. Who knows, you may want to do an Kolm or Valach inline Storch and a M.S. 505 radial with a powerful Moki for glider tow in one model. This is a worldwide first in RC.


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