1 to 3.5


108.3 Inches


64.2 inches

Weight ca.

33 lbs+





Scale Dolly

Steerable tailwheel

Custom fuel cell set for pockets

Exhaust pipe

Decal sheet


This kit has been designed and manufactured in Germany and the GRP composite parts have all the predominant details of the original airplane. In order to suit turbine engines the necessary modifications have been made. The detachable wing-halves are being held by duralumin tubes.The lavish surface details give the model the appearance of the original plane. The high level of prefabrication makes for a swift build, some building experience with full-composite kits and prior turbine experience is adjuvant. A scale dolly is available as well as customized parts needed for turbine installation. The German team actually launches their Me163s without bungee-assistance,they simply setup their Me163B to taxi with help of the steerable tailwheel and then open up the throttle and take off just like any other jetplane. With the difference that they of course jettison the dolly true to scale after take-off and land on the skid. You will be amazed by this model’s speed range, it can be as fast as a bullet and slow down to incredible speeds thanks to the superior aerodynamics of Dr. Lippisch’s design.

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