1 to 3.5


106.25 inches


146 inches

Weight ca.





Full GFK / CFK kit including packaging                   

Hawk 100 Accessory set:               

additional 8 parts stall vane, additional 4 parts antenna, frames for            anticollision lights,   radar cover rudder front side, radar cover on             top of elevator cover, missile holder on left and right wing tip,                  missiles for wingtips including holder and mounting set (28 pieces)  

Hawk 100 Missiles holder and missiles set            

Scale landing gear; air pressure dual action technic        

Electric retract and brakes upgrade      

Exhaust pipe; scale, ready to mount                  

Composite fuel tank                          

Composite hopper tank                        

Cockpit kit (unpainted, not mounted; all parts included)         

Cockpit deluxe (all parts mounted, painted and ready to install)   

Inner cockpit frames and bars                      

Inner cockpit frames and bars painted and ready to go       

Scale jet pilot 1:3.5                      

Center line tank; for example Red Arrows                

Aluminum ball links for flaps                        

Elevator linkage set                          

Aileron, flaps, rudder linkage set                    

Gear doors hinge and linkage set                      

Canopy latch mechanism                       

Composite scoops behind canopy                    

Glass covers set of 11                     

Vacuum molded parts - premium scale set                   

Vacuum molded parts - deluxe scale set                  

Pito tube; 4 parts, assembled                         

Pito forward section fuselage side including. scale handle          

Scale light system 1x landing light, 2 x flasher, 2 x position light   

Scale accessories for lights                        

Frence sheet, 2 parts                        

Antennas set of 6 parts                 

Stall vane set of 26 pieces                       

Attachment parts set for:

rear light, exhaust left side, pito tube bracket, oxygen at the bug,           hot air outlet, trimrudder hinges, trimrudder linkages, scale canopy            closing part, scale  bolts for the rims, replica brake hoses in red and          black for the mains, 2 brake replicas, 2 hydraulic cylinder replicas              BAe 27

Explosive line cockpit                        

Oil sight glass                            

Sight glass, set of 2                           

Tread decal left of airduct                       

Antistatic sticks, set of 30                       

Parachute cover including hinges                         

Protection bags for elevator and ruder                     

Transport frame fuselage                      

Transport frame wings                         


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BAe 38_100

BAe 3_100

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BAe 15

BAe 16

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BAe 22

BAe 23

BAe 24

BAe 25

BAe 26

BAe 27

BAe 28

BAe 29

BAe 30

BAe 31

BAe 32

BAe 33

BAe 34

BAe 35

BAe 36

The Hawk 100 is a two-seat advanced weapons trainer with additional avionics, including forward looking infrared (optional, fitted to Malaysian aircraft), a redesigned wing and HOTAS.The full composite kit, which is manufactured in modern composite GRP /CFRP sandwich-vacuum technology, we can offer you with a complete set of accessories from scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe up to GRP tank, everything in field proven quality. Furthermore we can offer you all the accessories and scale parts to the kit. Even in a completely ready to fly version you can get your model from us.

Available with electric retract and electric brakes as well.


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