79 inches


146 inches

Weight ca.

30.5 lbs+




Quantum Full GFK / CFK kit in vaccum sandwich technology

Quantum Landing gear; air pressure dual action technic

Quantum landing gear electric conversion, electric brakes

Quantum Exhaust pipe incl. nossle; ready to mount

Quantum Composite fuel tank 3,8 Liters

Quantum Composite hopper tank

Quantum Wing protection bags including bags for elevator and rudder

This is the Biplane version of the Quantum Jet, a first, an incredibly fun design. You can in minutes convert this at the field to the single wing version called the Mono. The Mono is to be placed between the Futura 1.9 and Futura 2.5 with emphasis on speed. The Quantum is a wonderful and slick design. If you are a biplane fan, this is the Jet for you. It will fly unlike the single wing Jets out there, this one has personality, this one will put a giant smile on your face but really is meant for experienced pilots, the same kind of pilot who would rather fly a Christen Eagle than a Yak 55.

Ask for the Mono single wing conversion kit.

Available with electric retract and electric brakes as well.


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