1 to 2.6


128 to 137 inches


118.1 inches

Weight ca.





Full GFK / CFK kit including packaging             

Scale landing gear; pneumatic dual action             

Electric retract upgrade        

Exhaust pipe; ready to mount                

Composite fuel tank, 5,2 Liter                 

Composite hopper tank               

Cockpit kit (unpainted, not mounted; all parts included)     

Cockpit deluxe (all parts mounted, painted and ready to install)   

Scale pilot 1:3.5                  

Linkage set for all surfaces                

Gear doors and linkages              

Canopy latch                   

Glass for landing light and position light; 5 parts   

Viper MkII 3.5m vacuum parts: NACAs, AP, inlet cover   

Viper MkII 3.5m 1x Pito tube; 2 parts, ready mounted incl. Bracket

Viper MkII 3.5m Scale light set 2 x landing light, 4 x position light

Speedbrake set with servo frame and linkage set         

Protection bag set for wings, elevator and rudder       

Pair of winglets                  


The viper with this wingspan is, according to our opinion, the absolute Fun-Jet for everyday use, it is extremely robust, has outstanding flight characteristics and on top of that fits in each car. With the use of turbines with kerosene start and the retractable landing ear available as accessories you do not need no more gas and nor compressors. Simply plug together, refuel and have fun! The Viper is complete built in fiber glass- and carbon fiber sandwich technology and all mechanical structures as well as the mounting plates for the servos are ready installed. All accessories like exhaust pipe, fuel tank and landing gear are one on the other coordinated and for this kit available. Additionally you can also get your Viper exclusive built in the ready to fly version.

Available with electric retract and electric brakes as well.


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