41 inches


38.2 inches

Weight ca.


70mm Fan

The viper with this wingspan is, according to our opinion, the absolute Fun-Jet for everyday use, it is extremely robust and has outstanding flight characteristics, well above the competition as this EDF jet has been designed and made by no other than Tomahawk Design inGermany.No compromises when it comes to design and manufacturing of this EDF Viper. You can go slower than you would have thought possible,fly longer than you would have anticipated and enjoy the cleanest aerobatics this side of foam EDF jet flying.This EDF does NOT lfy like another foamy, it really does fly lile a small jet. Yet move the CG back a tad and you will have the slowest flying EDF of its class - unmatched!And we can only recommend the Wemotec motor/fan combo. This setup will outclimb, outrace and outfly the competition and make this Tomahawk Viper what it is: the best flying EDF in its class, bar none!


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