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PZL-35 Wilga (Golden Oriole) is a Polish designed and built short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Civil Aviation utility aircraft manufactured by PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie";. The Wilga has evolved through many ever-improving versions during its continuous production run from 1962 to the present. The Wilga was designed for robust use in sports, civil aviation, with a strong emphasis on glider-towing and parachute training. A completely new slimmer, strengthened fuselage was added that also offered an excellent rear view aspect for the crew during glider towing operations. The upgraded aircraft could be flown with the doors open if required, and had an air ambulance conversion capability.The new variant flew first on 1 August 1963 followed by a short production run which (later was converted to the Wilga C and Wilga mark 3 configurations). On December 30, 1963 the Wilga C (or Wilga Mark 2 Subvariant C), an export variant for Indonesia, was flown, powered by an imported North American certified 225 hp horizontally opposed engine the Continental O-470. The Wilga 2 airframe had proved a successful design, but the WN-6RB engine was not fully developed and so did not enter serial production. As a result, it was decided touse an in production radial engine, the 260 hp Ivchenko AI-14R; and this led to the PZL-104 Wilga Mark 3 variant, which first flew on 31 December 1965. The new engine was more powerful, but it spoilt the previously clean and aerodynamic fuselage lines, originally designed for a flat engine; nonetheless, the new variant was successful. Due in combination to the power of the engine and the STOL capability of the airframe, an extraordinary high rate of climb - maximum 11 m/s (2,165 fpm) under minimal load was possible.This full-composite kit has been developed employing the latest in vacuum-sandwich design, all the accessories from the scale undercarriage, the scale cockpit, wingbags and composite fuel tanks are available. The stage of prefabrication on this kit is tremendously high, you will get to enjoy your Wilga in comparatively little time.The model showcases all the scale details of the original, from your rivets to the hinges, from the hatches to the corrugated sheeting, down to the slats.Of course our Moki S250 makes for the ideal companion for the Tomahawk Wilga, guaranteeing the ultimate in scale appearance, sound and enjoyment. Kit only sold in combination with protective bags due to international shipping


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