1 to 3.85


110.2 inches


70.9 inches

Weight ca.

22 lbs+

This is the latest version of the Toni Clark Piper PA-18. The wing construction can now be made with proper Piper wing tips, flaps and the option of a Clipped wing. Scale doors, improved fairing from the fin into the fuselage, installing the elevator servos under the tailplane,attractive wheel spats and a very efficient cooling air exit from the silencer compartment. More cross-sections and a very detailed set of building instructions with reasons given for the aerodynamic set up, so you can understand the ideas behind the construction fully. Lastbut not least the Piper has a tow line release included in the kit, that can operate from any direction of the line. More parts of this newPiper kit are now prefabricated: For example the ribs are CNC-milled, the leading edge is spindle moulded, spars, longerons and wingsheeting are ready chamfered for perfect joining. The spar webbing is cut to spar width, the landing gear is silver soldered together. Apart from these items, you will be pleasantly surprised to find many more "small" improvements. The Piper is truly a multi purpose model. You can fly just like the full-size Piper with Zenoah G 20 installed. That is if you have no ambition for glider towing, but you are satisfied with loops, rolls and stall turns. But you wish to be able to tow gliders, then the Zenoah G38 is a better choice. With the 38 you can fly positive as well as negative figures with power to spare. Knife edge flying is unlimited. You can flyaround with an almost fully throttled back engine, the model is then extremely quiet. Use a 20x10 propeller, this is the scale size. Should you wish to tow sailplanes that are more than 7 kg then the 45 is the engine. Fit the Zenoah G 62 and with a 16 kg sailplane hanging on the line, is in a couple minutes close under the cloud base. But with the 62 you should only use full throttle whilst towing, otherwise thePiper roars around the sky ruining any scale effect. The Pipers layout with rectangular and high mounted wings and a very low wingloading makes it a very stable flyer. It is therefore an ideal choice to start with large models. The Piper is our work horse, as previously mentioned, the Piper is ideally suited for glider and banner towing. Because of the low wing loading and relative high aspect ratio, the Piper does not require very much power so there is plenty in reserve for towing. The Piper has a very dependable low speed performance,this is ideal for towing light weight gliders. With an inexperienced glider pilot on the tow line, a sudden jerk on the line, the Piper, due to its mass, can easily keep going, thus avoiding the stationary bit and the subsequent stall. The Piper can pull a fairly large banner, carry a camera or any other load up to 5 kg.A perfect static, at the same time esthetic construction from balsa, aircraft spruce and birch plywood. Very different from a mass of cheap poplar plywood as is often the case to admire by "modern" designs. The construction is conventional stripwood and sheeting,making for a very robust model, which is at the same time light in weight. The wings are in two halves. The UC is identical to the full size,being sprung with rubber shock cord which is a great deal better than springs, because the rubber has a very good dampening effect.The fully sprung and steerable tailwheel makes taxiing the model a pleasure. The motor cowl is made of very tough epoxy/ glass and nota rather brittle plastic like ABS. With the Piper PA-18 the fuselage sides are parallel right to the firewall this is due to the wider cowl. Apart from the cowl the two fuselages are identical from behind the second former.

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