VM-60 S1-4T

Valach VM-60 S1-4T

VM-120 B2-4T

Valach VM-120 B2-4T

VM-120 IL2-4T

Valach VM-120 IL2-4T

VM-170 B2-4T

Valach VM-170 B2-4T

VM-210 B2-4T

Valach VM-210 B2-4T

VM-210 B2-4T

Valach R5-420 4T

Engine Accessories

Engine Accessories

You see, we actually USE these engines, not just sell them. At the moment Dr. Vogelsang uses the 60 in his Klemm L25d, the 120 boxer in his 40% Fokker Eindecker, the 170 in his half scale Fly Baby and the 210 boxer in his Wedell Williams Racer. He sold his 50% Jungmeister which had the 420 radial.

All motors are in stock unless noted

Fiala propellers are a necessity for the Valach engines

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