52 mm


52 mm

RPM range

600 - 3800 RPM

Height from prop shaft or diameter on radial

550 mm

Length mount to hub

300 mm


28200 gram

Fiala range 2 blade

48*22 - 59*20

Fiala range 3 blade

35*18 - 45*20



Honda Valves

Walbro Carburetor

Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard

An ignition integrated voltage converter allows the use of two LiPo cells

VM-Motors are designed using the latest tools and techniques

Being part of the German scene and having been exposed to the rise of 4-stroke radials first hand he uses APS electric pumps on all his four-stroke gas engines. These pumps were designed by Mr. Bernd Albinger in Germany and eliminate the build-in pump. This eliminates fuel transport-related maintenance and eliminates one potential cause for the engine running too lean. You see, we  actually USE these engines, not just sell them. At the moment Dr. Vogelsang uses the 60 in his Klemm L25d, the 120 boxer in his 40% Fokker Eindecker, the 170 in his half scale Fly Baby and the 210 boxer in his Wedell Williams Racer. He sold his 50% Jungmeister which had the 420 radial.

Götz : As all gas engines you need to keep an eye on your cooling. It is not about how much air gets in, it is important that it is forced over the cooling fins and is able to exit through ample ports. Ideal is a ratio of “cowl” intake area to exit of 1:2 or 1:3. I run basically all of my 4-stroke gas engines on our APS fuel pump, which is fully programmable. This ensures that on radial engines we are not dependent on the artificial air impulse driving the Walbro, and on all other engine layouts it eliminates the danger of the impulse line hydro-locking on the oil that wants to exit the crank case housing. As with all 4-strokes you have many possible exhaust layouts to play with. From lightweight to sophisticated, from loud and menacing to quit, from as easy as a simple straight pipe to the most complex setups. I would love to get the chance to discuss the options with you. If your install allows I would always consider an air filter. This is not mainly to keep the dust and grime out of your motor, the true effect is your carb being offered a “steady” environment, your carb running at a leaner needle setting and most of all, keeping the inside of your cowl area and airframe clean from the otherwise expelled pre-mix oil.

We carry many exhaust solutions, many accessories and upgrades and the correct propellers. Furthermore we can offer custom made, absolute museum quality, flying propellers for your top tier projects.

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