KOLM IL155LE270 on FiberClassic (CARF) Spitfire

Here is an unfortunately shaky video of one of the first flights of my old trusted Spit on our Kolm IL155LE270. This plane was measures at over 180mph

You will note that you hear only the prop. Any videos out there that feature that screaming propeller sound are testament to a poor setup.

Prop noise = loss

The motor was a breeze to install, anyone can contact me for advice or tips when it comes to install and baffles

I am using our SEP prop, air is converted to Festo

VALACH 120 B2-4T on Paolo Severin Fokker Eindecker

This is one of my favorite people/designers with one of my favorite airplanes

Paolo Severin and his marvelous kit of Fokker Eindecker

The video camera did not capture the sound that day but I wanted to share this footagte with you as it shows just how wonderful it is to own and fly the Paolo Severin E1

The Fokker was a complete joy to build, as well

I am running a Fiala prop, wings are covered in our ProfiCover fabric


Not only is the long hair gone by now but I sold the Fokker to a good friend, as well. This video showcases just how fantastic our geardrive performs. The mystery lies within the use of the 34*20 prop, large slow turning propellers grant you fantastic efficiency

Interesting to note is that the usage of a geardrive requires a functioning heat management setup (baffles) as your motor will run at optimal RPM for most of the time whilst the large prop moves more air than direct drive, but at less of a velocity


This was only the 2nd or 3rd flight on the M35, video taken many years ago.

The Zimmermann 2-in-1 creates a sound which has other Moki owners baffled, it just adds an aggressive touch that has to be heard

The M35 (Willy Messerschmitt design) flies like you crossed an IMAC airplane with a P47. One of my favorite airplanes and always a rush to fly, to this day.

I added one of our Moki baffles in the meantime (not shown)

I am using our SEP prop, the Zimmermann exhaust and am having too much fun

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